The Flying Cortes, originally from Colombia, South America, have been entertaining circus audiences for generations with their twisting, spinning, and somersaulting capabilities.


robinson_headshot_02Robinson is a fourth generation circus performer and has worked in this business for almost 30 years, starting as a clown at the age of five. In 1977, he and his family came to the USA for Hoxie Brothers Circus. He performed on the flying trapeze as well as the highwire with his parents. When their partner left, Robinson became the main flyer in the trapeze act. He began throwing the triple somersault to his father’s hands at the age of only 13 and continued for over 21 years, when his father, EDMUNDO CORTES, retired as the catcher. At this point, Robinson took over his job and left all the flying to his younger brother, Alexander.

In his flying trapeze career, Robinson has performed around the country with circuses such as CIRCUS FLORA, THE HAMID CIRCUS, and of course RINGLING BROS. AND BARNUM & BAILEY. Robinson has made special appearances with THE FLYING GAONAS, THE FLYING CASERAS, and LES ARTS SAUTS. He has also performed at many STATE FAIRS and was involved in a PEPSI commercial.

Robinson also still performs on the highwire with THE FLYING WALLENDAS and has been a part of their GUINESS WORLD RECORD, as well as a member of the troupe who performed in the 28th INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL of MONTE CARLO.


alex_headshot_02Alex is Robinson’s younger brother, and also a fourth generation circus performer. He was only six months old when his family came to the USA. Alex was bitten by the flying trapeze bug early in life and began flying at the extremely young age of five. By age seven, he was regularly performing, when he would hang by his knees and swing across to his father. At age eight he began doing a layout across, and about a year later, started throwing double somersaults. Eventually he would begin throwing triples and take over the position of main flyer for THE FLYING CORTES.

Alex has also been involved in an aerial cradle act and worked his own juggling act. He has also flown with other troupes such as THE FLYING GAONAS, THE FLYING VARGAS and THE FLYING POEMAS. Along with his brother, he has performed on such shows as ROYAL HANNEFORD CIRCUS, TARZAN ZERBINI CIRCUS and BENTLEY BROTHER’S CIRCUS.


alida_headshot_02Alida is part of the seventh generation of The Flying Wallendas, one of the most well known circus families of all time. She represents not only the Wallendas, but also the Czech Republics’ unicycling champions, The Bertinis, and one of Italy’s best known bareback riders, Alberto Zoppé.

At the age of three Alida began performing in the circus ring clowning around with her father, Tino Wallenda-Zoppé. When she was eight she was allowed to try out the highwire, and by 10 was made a regular member of the act with her father and mother, Olinka Bertini. When she was 13, she added Spanish web to her repertoire and, at the age of 18, decided to put together her own act on the cloudswing. Along the way in her career she has performed on the double trapeze, on horseback, lyre, aerial chiffon and in the family’s unicycle act. In 1999 Alida also started performing on the cradle and flying trapeze when she married ROBINSON CORTES.

While performing in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and France some of her most memorable moments are:

Doing her first skywalk in downtown Houston in 1997.

Helping to recreate The Flying Wallendas Seven person pyramid in 1998. (She was the first female in her family to hold the front, center level position.)

Being part of her family’s GUINESS BOOK of WORLD RECORDS eight person pyramid in 2001. (Also a 10 person pyramid was performed, but not officially recorded.)

Winning a silver statue for performing the seven person pyramid with her family at the 28th INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL of MONTE CARLO in 2004.


Team4Ysabella represents eight generations of circus history. Ysabella started going in the ring as soon as she could walk. The first time she swung on the flying trapeze, she was only 18 months old, and has been at it ever since. She is currently practicing contortions and putting together her own hula-hoop act as well as working with her aunt AURELIA WALLENDA on the cloudswing, her grandmother, OLINKA, in the family dog act, and her grandfather, TINO, clowning around. Ysabella recently made her debut performing up on the high-wire, crossing on the shoulders of her uncle, ALEX WALLENDA. She also likes to “play” on all the fun circus equipment, but says she’ll start “Practicing when I get bigger…then I can fly across to daddy and do the triple somersault!” The dreams of a seven year old… Only time will tell!


RachaelRachael Hutinger did gymnastics throughout her youth. Although she was born to circus performers, she made her own way into the circus via Florida State University’s acclaimed circus training program. She has been with The Flying Cortes for more than two years, performing as their high bar specialist, in addition to other tricks.